Some key women in the history of the U. S. Marine Corps


Pvt. Opha Mae Johnson was the first woman to enlist in the Marine Corps Reserve in 1918


Captain Anne Lentz became the first female commissioned officer in 1943


Directors of Women Marines


1943-1945  Col Ruth Cheney Streeter, 1st Director of Women's Reserves

1945-1946  Col Katherine Towle, 2nd Director of Women's Reserves

1948-1953  Col Katherine Towle, 1st Director of Women Marines

1946-1948  Col Julia Hamblet, 3rd and last Director of Women's Reserves

1953-1959  Col Julia Hamblet, 2nd Director of Women Marines

1959-1964  Col Margaret Henderson, 3rd Director of Women Marines

1964-1969  Col Barbara Bishop, 4th Director of Women Marines

1969-1973  Col Jeanette Sustad, 5th Director of Women Marines

1973-1977  BrigGen Margaret Brewer, 6th  and last Director of Women Marines


Brigadier General Brewer served as Director of Women Marines in the rank of colonel. She was promoted to brigadier general (the first female general officer in the Marine Corps in 1978 while serving as Director of the Division of Information at Headquarters Marine Corps.


Lieutenant General Carol A. Mutter became the first female in the Marine Corps to wear three stars (and only the second female in the U. S. military) in 1996.